Mental Flow / Cultural Forum Beijing

Group exhibition in Shenyang

KF/OSTA Beijing presents the exhibition “Mental Flow” curated by Alexandra Grimmer from Sept. 19, 2021 – Nov. 21, 2021 at Gallery 1905 Art Space in Shenyang, China.
The exhibition will explain experiments of contemporary works by artists such as Lou Shenyi, Liu Weijian, Tong Biao, Sun Xun, Wang Ke and Zhang Wuyun. “Mental Flow” reflects their worldview and attempts to put reality into a completely new artistic context.
They are the most influential group of artists from the 70s to 80s. Their works became an indispensable part of Chinese contemporary art.

Oriental colors of Lou Shenyi, the shady mountains and rocks of Tong Biao, Liu Weijian’s romantic life in Shanghai, the animated works and paintings of Sun Xun that won many international awards, the romantic and humorous new media works of Wang Ke, and the time landscapes of Zhang Wuyun create a very special mood. These six artists provide the audience with an incomparable exhibition experience and thus also inspire cultural exchange between China and Austria.