Fixing the Future

Radio station Ö1, together with the Section for International Cultural Affairs and the Austrian Cultural Forums and Representations Abroad, is looking for solutions that work for tomorrow’s society. “Repairing the Future – The Global Casting of New Ideas” is the name of this new focus program of Section V, in which innovative ideas, concepts and projects from Austria and around the world for improving the world on both a large and small scale will be regularly presented in a “casting” – on the radio in Austria as well as on the Internet in German and English worldwide. The platform is conceived as a media hub for know-how transfer, generational dialogue and international exchange, and functions via a map that can be searched for both locations and specific categories. Submissions are made in the form of max. three-minute cell phone videos and short texts that can be posted online.

Furthermore, there is a podcast on the “Making of” – the story of the development of this broadcasting focus of Ö1, now in cooperation with Section V in the MFA.

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