We can no longer effectively meet the challenges of the future with our present-day paradigms and concepts. We need concepts for the future – and people who have the curiosity, imagination, and also the courage to leave mainstream hypotheses behind and create new approaches. These “creative professionals”, who have not only considered how to solve the problems of the future in theory, but have already developed practical solutions and concepts with which a real contribution can be made to resolving these challenges, are the subject of “Creative Austrians – Innovators for the Society of the Future”.

With this priority programme, Austrian International Cultural Relations promote a creative engagement with processes of social change. The aim is to increase the involvement of “Creative Austrians” in the international debate, and to position Austria as a relevant source of new ideas and as a place of international exchange for creative approaches to possible solutions to the challenges of the future.

The publication presents a number of outstanding individuals from Austria whose ideas and achievements help to create an inspiring, hopefully better future and a good quality of life for all in a variety of ways. The publication spans a broad range of subjects, from surprising ideas for improving global food supplies to tactile tablet computers for the visually impaired, and design concepts for a socio-cultural re-evaluation of the function of sleep in everyday life. As well as presenting these creative professionals and their responses to challenges that impact society as a whole, Austrian International Cultural Relations also aim to help build bridges to the world and support these creative professionals in the development of their international networks.

Creative Austrians – The Book

Image: BMEIA