Science Cooperation and Science Diplomacy

Given the important role played by science and technology in all future-related issues as well as for diplomacy, the role of science in Austrian international cultural relations is presented in a science concept for the first time. The concept describes Austrian experiences, provides examples of the practice of Representations, and outlines the international context in which science diplomacy is currently evolving. In particular, however, it is designed as a stimulus and guideline for the Austrian Cultural Forums, embassies and consulates-general in their efforts to support science & technology diplomacy to the best of their abilities and to develop their own initiatives in this field.

After all, international scientific cooperation and academic mobility help strengthen bilateral and international relations, and broaden mutual understanding with the knowledge they generate. In this way, they form a basis for dialogue and collaboration in all areas. The initial aim is to promote encounters between researchers and partnerships between academic institutions, and to support Austrian academic institutions in their activities abroad and their networking activities. Apart from the responsible federal ministries, these academic institutions include universities, OeAD-GmbH, and the archaeological departments of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Academic events enable Austrian organisations to network with potential local partners.

An important aspect is also cooperation with the Austria Libraries Abroad, the Österreich Institut GmbH, the ÖSD, the Cooperation Offices and the lecturers at OeAD GmbH, professors of Austrian studies, study centres and schools abroad, as well as the foreign trade centres of the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKÖ) and the special attaché(e)s in the RTI field.

“One size does not fit all”: current issues need to be identified and contacts for long-term cooperation need to be established between potential partners in politics, administration, higher education, and research. Both the new and the traditional key areas of Austrian international cultural activities, such as culture and the SDGs, art and technology, culture and human rights, provide an opportunity for creative, interdisciplinary encounters between art, the sciences and technology.

Image: BMEIA