GLOWING GLOBE / Cultural Forum Zagreb

SOUND OF SCIENCE (19.11. – 30.11.2020)

This year again, the Center for Innovative Media in Rijeka will focus on topics such as science, ethics, ecology, technology and digital art in the Glowing Globe exhibition series. This year’s program is especially dedicated to sound art in new media.
In the Astronomy Center, electric violinist Barbara Lüneberg will present her piece “Slices of Life” and media artist Marko Ciciliani will show the virtual installation “Kilgore’s Resort”. Together they will also present the audiovisual sound performances “Kilgore” and “Formula minus One”.
Glowing Globe is known for its creative, progressive and instructive, but also critical examination of the dangers of global change and the effects of new technologies. An exciting project on an international level that is definitely worth a visit!