Another Europe / Cultural Forum Budapest

International photo exhibition in Debrecen

On June 11, the exhibition “Another Europe” will be opened by Deputy Mayor Puskás in the main square of Debrecen. The exhibition shows 28 photographs from each EU member state and the United Kingdom. Photographers express themes and influences that are familiar to all of us and are part of our cultural heritage. Here appear before us very concrete creations such as monuments, buildings, historical sites to social aspects such as childhood, fairy tales, theater, landscape, conflicts, work, vacations, family, memories, literature and traditions. The works show everyday life themes, but also the specifics of the rich, European cultural heritage are strongly emphasized.

A project of EUNIC Hungary (the network of national cultural institutes of the European Union) by the German Cultural Forum in Debrecen, the Hungarian Representation of the British Council, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Budapest, AVL, British Telecom, Debrecen and Atelier Jungwirth in Austria. The exhibition is curated by British photographer Hamish Park.